One-on-One Charts and Consultations


º NATAL CHART AND TRANSITS 12 month forecasting • 50€
Natal Chart is a Chart based on the date, time and place you were born. This type of chart is a basic introduction into your psychological character and is also a first type of chart reading that I would recommend if you are new to astrology.  
( 1h – 1,5h consultation )
This type of astrological chart reading is my favourite. It is going a bit deeper into depicting a psychological portrait in order to resolve some blockages that are holding us back from achieving success in different life segments. It is a combination of traditional interpretation blended with Karmic Astrology*, Mythology and intuitive translation of astrological symbols in order to gain a wider picture of ourselves and our soul tasks. If you are already familiar with the Natal Chart and are still in search for some depths, I would recommend this type of chart reading.
Could also be combined with Relationship Charts and Synastry*
* Karmic Astrology is looking back to some previous actions, experiences or good deeds that are paying us back now in the incarnation cycle we are now in. It is explaining different feelings and situations we are attracted or repulsed by…for example; it can explain why we are lucky in love but not having any luck in material matters even if we are more interested in business and career…or vice versa. Questions like “why we are feeling the way we do about”: success, love, money, career, friendships, family… – could become clearer once there is some knowledge on our previous life experiences and choices. 
( 1h – 1,5h consultation )


Forecasting is a astrological consulting for clients that had already had a basic Natal Chart and Transit consultation or Psychological / In- Depth Astrology reading recently, and would like to be consulted only about an specific situation and/or a short period of time that is ahead of them.
( 30 – 45 min consultation )



Relationship Composite Chart and Synastry are two different types of charts that are telling the story about a relationship dynamics and perspectives that each relationship brings in our life. There are relationships that are karmic, friendly, intense, long lasting, heavy and those that are “lighter and easy going”, but each relationship is here to teach us something…..
This type of consultation is based on two Natal Charts (of you and your partner, family member, child, friend, business colleague, pet… ) and there are 4 charts in total to look at. These types of charts are helping partners, parents and colleagues, to better understand each other, as well as to unveil some hidden patterns that might block the relationship evolution. 
( 1h – 1,5h consultation )




Interdisciplinary charts that are a combination of Natal Charts translated into an Artistic project, or Charts that are made for a specific Art Project
( Image consulting based on your natal chart, theatre projects, architecture projects, landscape design…) 



° ASTROLOGICAL DEGREE CARDS INTERPRETATION* ©  Bonus interpretation combined with a Natal Chart • 20
 Free consultation for regular clients *
  • This type of reading is based on 2 picked cards from two sets of cards that I have developed and designed.
    They work based on synchronicity* and I use them when in search for an answer on any specific questions of your interests. The two cards that you draw out from a pile are representing a “flash of light” – where to look at in your natal chart, when trying to find the answer of your question. Together with my clients, I have found this type of consulting very intuitive and channeling. Answers are lightened up! 
    Astrological Degree Cards Interpretation © is my special treat for regular clients that are into self-search, have a specific question for their situation and are interested in finding the way how to develop and grow a better understanding of their potential.  It is an In-depth Natal Chart Interpretation combined with synchronicity, so is also teaching us how to be truthful and in the moment!
*(German: Synchronizität) is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.[1]
( 1h consultation ) 



° BUSINESS CHARTS Charts for business projects and transits that are affecting business plans • 70€
Business Charts are great if you would like to know when to start a business project, or when to register your new company, to know when to act and invest, or when not to. It is a combination of few charts, together with your Natal Chart and it could also be combined forecasting by following the transiting planets that are affecting the business.   
( 1h consultation ) 


This type of chart reading is great if you are in doubt about your relocation move.
You might notice that some areas are affecting you better than some others, even though you din’t expect it, want it or wish it. Some people might not feel comfortable with living in their native home town, and some might find a love of their life on a plane above the Czech Republic! There are places in the world that could be more beneficial for you carrier, love life or just for inspiration. This is certainly a great way to find out what a certain area in the world is highlighting on your existence.
( 1h consultation )






“Maja illuminates the star map of your destiny in a way that makes the great mysteries of life suddenly clear and obvious.
She is a gifted, sensitive reader and I highly 
recommend her services.”  
Anjani Thomas
Singer, songwriter and healer


“Maja’s applied knowledge of astrological symbolism has helped me see patterns in myself, in my life, and in the field of events unfolding around me. She harnesses her remarkable intuition to express all the knowledge she has gathered over the years when reading a chart. Her transmissions on my behalf often provoke a confrontation with unreal images of self and my real intuition, bringing clarity and peace of mind.”
Kate Foley
Dancer, choreographer and Iyangar Yoga teacher



  “Maja gave me a very precise, yet gentle astrological reading. She approached each topic with a lot of care and love, allowing me to digest all the information that she was transmitting. She managed to take me through very intimate spots that I had been working on and shed light on them, so my growth was positively impacted by the session with her. One of the guidance’s that she gave me has stayed with me for months; it has allowed me to relate to people in a very different way, so that energy and desire are matched. I felt very relaxed and looked after during the session which are very important elements for me in any session where a lot about me is revealed.”
Bernadette Martinez – Hernandez
Computer Scientist, Constraint Programmer, Software Developer, Life Coach and Meditation Trainer 



































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