CENTRAL SPACE series – finding new spaces for self-renewal

Central Space series are series made to be projected onto Gordana Žikić body during her performance on a Solstice time ( June 21th 2019) at the Gallery Magacin in Belgrade, and are part of the project “Spajalica” curated by Ira Ferris from Artemis Projects                      ( http://www.artemisprojects.com.au ).
The project topic is shamanism, intuition, rituals, relationship with nature and transformation through the creative process.
Our work was brought together first an idea, than as a ritual work, into mater.
I was using automatic drawing, sigils and astrological symbolism in order to find a centre in myself, investigate new spaces in me and lastly, project new spaces on Goca in order to “meet” with her.
The spaces are evoking uterus like, protected places and the series itself is a remark on primordial impulse and instinctive self-healing.
Gordana and I will connect through her performance while Central Space series will be projected on her through light.
Curator: Ira Ferris
Central Space series – finding new spaces for self-renewal //


3 In Aligment4 Love5 Balancing6 Bravery7 Communication8 Justice9 Doing10 Loving11 Personal Power12 The Self13 Freedom14 Protection15 Essentia Exsaltata

Curator of the project  –
Ira Ferris / Artemis Projects
Artists –
Gordana Žikić – gordanazikic.wordpress.com
Maja Radesić a.k.a. Zard – majazard.com














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